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baked eggplant gorgonzola
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Baked Eggplant Gorgonzola Recipe

This is for all of my wonderful vegetarian friends. If you’re an eggplant lover this will bring you great joy! I used a medium-sized purple eggplant for this recipe. There are a variety of eggplants, but this is the most common you will find in the grocery store. I love all varieties and would suggest […]


The Best Chimichurri Recipe

Keep this daring sauce in your fridge or freezer to pull out and use on just about anything! I use it with fish, chicken, and steak. Makes a good dressing for shrimp salad with papayas and avocados. It is my latest do everything sauce. Chimichurri is one of the most delicious and versatile sauces around. […]

classic deviled eggs
Easy Snacks, Recipes

Classic Deviled Eggs Recipe

What is better than a classic deviled egg?  My kids love them so much they come home from school and prepare them quickly for themselves as an afterschool snack.  We all think of deviled eggs for Easter of course – but they are always a hit to bring to any gathering!! Always a crowd-pleaser.  Below […]

chocolate mole
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Chocolate Mole

Mole is traditionally used in Mexican cuisine.  It takes a lot of time, labor and passion, but it’s layered with fun and mysterious flavors.  It is wonderful over braised slow-cooked shredded chicken, or alongside a beautiful filet mignon. Chocolate Mole adds a warm sultry flavor.  Make sure you have plenty of time to prepare this awesome […]

Seared Scallop Trio
Main Course, Recipes

Seared Scallop Trio

This Seared Scallop Trio will certainly excite and entice you! In order to give this perfectly protein-packed meal it’s own edge, I first ran to the florist and grabbed a large tropical leaf and some gorgeous orange tiger orchids to give my scallops a sexy backdrop.