Churro Burro

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The Churro Burro of Churro Borough

Churro Burro’s Story

When it comes to living life, Churro has just three fast and hard rules:

  1. It has to be fun
  2. It has to be affordable
  3. It has to be delicious

With these three rules firmly in hoof, Churro loves to spend time in the kitchen whipping up zany and often silly recipes.

Churro is self-taught and believes that everyone should be comfortable in the kitchen, both as a cook and as a fellow foodie enthusiast.

Churro loves being a part of this website and is always looking for new recipes to make and experiment with.  Churro also loves to hear from fans and is always looking for inspiration.  Have a recipe you want Churro to make?  Drop Churro a line!

Eat well!