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Wendy’s Story

Wendy Lane is a single mother of four and CEO of her own company and brand, Sexy Chef Wendy. She has spent a lifetime in front of cameras as a model and a commercial actress. She began working at the age of 16 and was given tremendous opportunity to travel and experience the world’s finest cuisines, along with meeting extraordinary people.  Growing up as a little girl in downtown Phoenix, she was fortunate to have a gourmet chef in her household that influenced her unique palate. As a teenager into adulthood, Wendy’s family uprooted to Hawaii where her culinary skills were honed by infusing South Pacific flavors and utilizing the islands natural resources of exotic and fresh herbs, fruits, vegetables, and fresh caught fish.

Currently Sexy Chef Wendy is an internet based company that launched in August 2013, with over one million followers . Her website, YouTube videos, Blogs, and Social Media interactions provide an entrée for couples to bring romance and intimacy back into their relationships through cooking.  

Gourmet Chef Wendy’s successful catering and events in Los Angeles have worked with companies such as Hudson Jeans and The Roosevelt Hotel.  Her clients vary from celebrity events, film shoots, weddings, private dinners, baby showers, large corporate events, and charities.

The Sexy Chef Series recently launched its first product, Strawberry Chocolate Balsamic Vinegar.  This has become a signature item for Sexy Chef Wendy in several of her own recipes and is now a sought after item from many industry chefs.  In addition to creating and labeling her private Strawberry Chocolate Balsamic and Olive Oils, she is proud to announce the launch of Sexy Chef Hot Sauce. 

With its unique carrot based non-vinegar all natural flavor, this hot sauce has become an overnight online success with Wendy’s internet following.  The habanero mash blend with a splash of key lime and hint of garlic will spice and heat up your palate with ultimate flavor. Sexy Chef Hot Sauce is one of a kind, delectably addicting and will bring you back wanting more. 

In 2015 Sexy Chef Wendy was named one of the Top Twenty Influencers in Arizona Foothills Magazine.  In the Summer of 2019 Chef Wendy received a five star rating from Maui’s top food critic. Currently in development is a series that brings love and intimacy into relationships through cooking with Host Gourmet Chef Wendy Lane.